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                                               Wall of Memories Leading to the Entrance to the Museum






Leopold Wilzenski a German Jew was the first mayor of Greenville in 1875 followed by Jacob Alexander.


Rabbi Joseph Bogen was the first Rabbi hired in 1880 and leaving in 1901.

  Rabbi Brill was the second Rabbi  serving until 1906.

This sanctuary was used from 1880 until 1906.


An Ad placed in a Jewish publication in 1880 advertising the need for a full time Rabbi.  He had to be able to speak English, Hebrew, and German.  Rabbi Joseph Bogen was hired shortly after the ad was placed.



Letter from Rabbi Bogen to Governor Elect Robert Lowry in 1885 concerning the school situation.


Goldstein Family


Nathan Goldstein with his children and grandchildren. 

He was president of the congregation from 1880 - 1930.



                                                                       1927  Mississippi River Flood      

                                             1927 Flood          1927 Flood     


                                   A story of the Disasters that shaped the people of the Delta


                                                         1927 Food        


The War Years and the

Some of the Members of

Hebrew Union Congregation that

Served their Country in the Military.



Colonel Storm Served in the Confederate Army During the Civil War. 

He was captured twice by The Union Army


Benjamin Kossman Served in the Spainish American War 

in Teddy Roosevelt's Brigade. 

He writes in his autobiography about the charge up San Juan Hill.

Benjamin Kossman's battlefield commission signed by President McKinley.



Abe Feinberg Served during WWI in th Army Air Corp.

Original Uniform Worn by Abe Feinberg.





Melvin Lipnick's WWII Memorabilia

Served in the Army Division that Liberated

 Dachau Concentration Camp in 1945.





Bernard Shapero's WWII Collection





Bernie Stein, Jay Piltz, and L.B. Stein

Albert Kossman, Jr. Served during the Vietnam War

in The Special Forces Division

on the Cambodian border.

Original uniform worn by Albert Kossman.


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